Dugald and Wendy are two sixty somethings who have just finished work (for the time being anyway).

The break to restore sanity, health, humour and perspective is a three month trip on their narrowboat Ginger Bear.

Ginger Bear has been their full time home in London for the last few years, while they worked as civil servant and dentist.

This is the non technical, people watching, country loving story of our trip.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you to Dugald and Wendy for a lovely trip on the Ginger Bear! Some very happy little people our end who very much enjoyed going round the rugby club!! x


  2. Are you the lady I went to Dundee Dental School with ??
    If not please ignore !
    Did however ,love your blog —I used to fish at many of the places you mentioned eg.Stainforth and Keadby canal?
    You are living my dream !!!


  3. Yes – we were at Dundee together, and I hope we are going to catch up at a reunion next year?
    Glad you like the blog, we saw a lot of fishing on our trip. I have been a bit busy since we got back, and haven’t managed to find time to blog the second half of the trip, but will update shortly. We are off again in August for another 10 weeks or so.


  4. Hi Both,

    It was good to see you both briefly just south of Banbury today. Such a shame we couldn’t stop and catch up. We are now living in Cropredy so if you are ever passing through do get in touch and we can share a beer or two.

    Kind regards,

    Andy & Faith
    nb Lydia


    • Great to see you but the corner didn’t give us much notice! Sadly we are on our way back to London now. But, depending on what’s happened with COVID, we may well spend the spring and summer next year on the cut. Cropredy is a lovely place so catching up with you would be a real pleasure. In the meantime stay safe and we hope to see you in 2021.

      Dugald and Wendy

      PS Send us a postal address for a Christmas card!


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