The magic Nene

At 7 o’clock this morning we set off down the Nene river towards Peterborough.

Louis (Nb Madam) told us the Nene was exquisite. He is right.


We have wound our way through 16 miles and 16 locks to arrive at Irthlingborough. Intriguingly we are moored alongside the Rushden and Diamonds FC, Dugald is puzzled as to how David Bell – now Sir David – came to support them.


We have had a day of loss.

Dugald spilt my tea in the cockpit while I was winding locks. Clearing it up, he managed to flip the invaluable Nene guide into the lock. Later, I left my very special alloy lock key at one of the locks. Score: 1 all.

This river is a delight with birds and animals and trees – and very few boats or people



One thought on “The magic Nene

  1. David did tell me once how he came to support Rushden and Diamonds. I think it may be from when he was Chief Exec of neighbouring Bedfordshire.


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