Our planned stop at Ely


I have been unable to post a blog or upload photos for 2 days, having moored each night in signal free zones. We knew Ely would deliver a good signal, a useful laundrette and an opportunity to explore the city and cathedral.

When we got there we managed to fill up with water, while being hassled by an impatient boat that wanted the water point. There are plenty of moorings, but each one we passed had a smug boat on it – not a space to be had.

It reminded us of sailing holidays in Greece and Croatia and the daily race to find a mooring for the night.


We continued up this large and rather monotonous river


But we enjoyed the company of families of Greater Crested Grebes for a little longer.


Further up the river we found a quiet spot, and I hope if I climb high up the river bank, I will have enough signal to post this tonight, watched by some sleepy looking cows.

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